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Derry Baxter
River Thames, Hurley
1992 Viking 26 Wide Beam 'Theone'

We bought Theone in 1996 after spending about 6 months looking for a boat which had more mod cons and space than out previous boat (a Weston 670) and was economical to run and maintain. Theone was 4 years old when we bought her and we kept the original name, but have no idea how it originated. Theone is moored on a Environment Agency mooring on the Thames at Hurley Lock, and most of our cruising is up river.

I have made a few improvements including fitting a Propex hot air heating system to make early and late season cruising more comfortable, and a few years ago I replaced the constantly failing original shower pump with a sump type shower pump which is automatic and trouble free. The interior filament bulb lights did not give a lot of light, so I recently changed them to suface mounted halogen down-lighters.

We have been very happy with Theone and, apart from some wishful thinking when visiting boat shows, have never seriously considered changing her. If any of you see Theone on the river we would be delighted to have a chat.