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Galley Renovation - by Mark Chellingworth

These are the new pics of the galley upgrade from last year. I have only just retaken them after my camera was pinched last year in Chester.

My new cushions can be seen in a couple of shots. They cost £25 for material and thread and my ex- wife 40 hours on her sewing machine. ( at least i got somthing from my marriage!! ) lol.

The sink cost £40 and took two days in total. You can also see the laminate floor tiles ( worktop) from B&Q, cost £14.99.
The carpets, (enough for the whole boat), £32 from B&Q.

Engine 23hp four stroke £2200 including controls, so quiet and smooth being a 3 cylinder it has transformed my boat and uses less fuel than my older honda 15.

The cooker works well, better than the old one, it has full flame failure on rings grill and oven and is stainless steel, cost £250, and easy to fit, taking just one afternoon.

Cheers, Markgc65.

(Many thanks to Mark for his kind permssion to include his © photos and text on this site)