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Outboard Renovation - by Mark Chellingworth

Hi all, just want to share my last week with you all. It started with looking on ebay, saw a tatty outboard mariner 25 electric start, I bid and won it for £255 paid £24 fuel to pick it up, then £17 for some stickers.

Got it home see picture 1 and started cleaning and spraying it with spray putty sanding again, more spraying, more sanding then put on the top coat of metalic paint let it dry overnight next day I put the stickers on , then I sprayed the engine with laquer all over.

Well what's so special about that you ask, well I have never sprayed anything before and it took 2 .5 days including collection and today i just sold it for £650 on ebay.

I just wanted to show you all what a little enthusiasum can do. We all have little jobs to do on our boats but put them off or pay someone else loads of money to do a relativley simple job. Hope this inspires some one else to do your own stuff!!!!

I was really impressed with "Andys" ruddersafe home made version, that's what inspired me!!!

Happy cruising, Markgc65.

(Many thanks to Mark for his kind permssion to include his © photos and text on this site)