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'AGAMEMNON' 26 N/B aft cabin new wash hand basin. - by Mark Chellingworth

This item was purchased new from ebay total cost £20 inc new bigger waste trap ,
Tools needed: multy size hole cutter, drill,silicone sealer, screw driver, Jig saw, sand paper, 19mm spanner, 22mm spanner, wood chisel or sanding wheel attachment for drill.

First remove old sink and taps the pipes screw off using 19mm spanner the taps are fixed by a 22mm plastic nut.
Tell everyone "NO!!! switching pump on as you will get wet !!!" """SHARON"""!!! ,

The work top is 13mm chipboard with laminate coating this is fitted on top of a fiberglass shelf, the fiberglass on my boat already had a big enough hole for the new sink so only the worktop was cut using a jig saw, the new sink is bigger so the area where the taps were fitted was cut away to accomerdate the new sink, check sink fits ok but dont screw it in yet! Drill holes for the taps which have now moved as seen in photo to the end of the sink not behind as standard fittment.

When cutting holes for taps use whole cutter max size 2" drill from inside cupboard but "only through fiberglass layer" the pilot hole will come through work top which is fine two 2" circles of fiberglass should now have been removed and 2 pilot holes showing from top now fit correct size hole cutter 3/4 " for the taps and drill down using the pilot holes the work top is slightly too thick for the shank on the taps so a small amount of chip board needs to be removed i used a rotary sanding attachment but a chisle would do. Position then fix taps to work top and re-attach water pipes, the sink waste is in the almost the same place i removed 10 mm from waste pipe as i fitted new larger waste trap ,check all pipe connections for leaks then when happy apply rubber + sealent screw the sink in place, check all fittings again for leaks if ok sit back wash your hands and enjoy yor new sink!! good look.markgc65.

(Many thanks to Mark for his kind permssion to include his © photos and text on this site)