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Karen & Ray Hough
River Lee, Hertfordshire
'Irish Mist 2' Viking 23

Viking 23 Irish Mist 2 , On Her first Trip Out at Rye House in Sept 2008

Karen resting at Rye House                                        Ray in picture, At Rye House  in Sept 2008.

These three photo's were taken Hertford in Hertfordshire, Viking 23 Irish Mist 2, April 2009.

Very good run down to Hertford, Allthough Engine overheated couple times but eventually cleared by reverse thrust and sweeping the water intake.

Another Trip in June 2009 three day trip. I have said this before But I dont want to take the Boat Far since the Outboard Motor sometimes overheating at locks allthough this time it only overheated once at the locks. I have checked the Tell Sign and water is comming out but not at a fast pace, The Engine is an Evinrude 10 hp Four stroke. Perhaps other Viking Members have some advice to give me ? Allthough it looks like I will have to take Boat to a Marine Engineer. Anyway about the Trip very enjoyable with my wife, Allthough we nearl'y did not go since it has not stopped raining.

Hertford  in Sept 2009