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Viking 26 Wide Beam. DIY Step - by Andy Lawrie

When I bought my Viking 26 Wide beam it appeared that people were expected to step onto the seat when they boarded the boat. I fitted a step each side that is big enough for one foot to step on, but small enough not to get in the way.

I’m not very good at making my DIY look professional, but I generally make it sufficiently strong. The steps are made of cheap softwood with a spot of teak woodstain and the photo shows one of them after two and a half years of heavy and entirely satisfactory use.

The steps themselves comprise two flat pieces of wood screwed together at right angles, the step and the leg. The screws go though the step into the end grain of the leg, which is not ideal, but there is no great strain on them as the step rests naturally on the leg. I used quite large (about 3” x No. 10) countersunk screws and they have been fine.

Battens are bolted firmly to the front of the gas and electric lockers, with two vertical 5mm holes drilled though them. The tops of these holes are opened up to about 12mm dia. for a depth of about 8mm. These measurements are not critical. The side of the step opposite the leg has 2 x 5mm countersunk screws secured by full nuts and projecting a couple of inches below the step. These push down into the vertical holes in the battens, with the nuts occupying the opened out section. There is nothing to positively secure these screws into the batten, but the thread of the screws jams quite tightly into the vertical holes and there really is nothing to make them come out. In practice the steps don’t move at all, yet can be lifted out if necessary.The top corners and edges of the step were chamfered before staining.

(Many thanks to Andy for his kind permssion to include his © photos and text on this site)