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Jim Rainbird
Little Baddow , Essex
Viking 26, wide beam 'Paw Paw'

2006 Viking 26WB, fitted with a Suzuki DF60 that is super quiet and gives 11-12 mph on the GPS with the boat loaded and 4 crew. That's at about 4900rpm. A comfortable 3000 - 3500 rpm pushes her along at around 8mph and for on the inland rivers 1300 -1500rpm gives about 4mph and charges the batteries very well.

2 small bathing platforms are fitted, which have both proven to be extremely useful for many things besides swimming. Paw Paw also has warm air heating which for winter use especially has been a great benefit.

We are moored at Paper Mill on the Chelmer and have estuary access around on to the Thames or north to the Orwell and Deben - weather permitting of course!