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Dave Saunders
River Great Ouse, Bedford
Viking 26 wide beam 'Aunt Erika'
At Brampton lock during the wet August of 2004

Aunt Erika is the boat that was displayed at the 2000 London Boat Show. We purchased her in October 2001 from her original owner. We did see her on display at the boat show as this was around the time we thought we might like a boat, but didn't know what type, size our were to moor etc.
We spent most of the year 2000 looking at different boats trying to decide what would be best for our needs. At the time my daughter was 9 and my son was 1 !!!! so it had to be family friendly with room to accommodate us all in all situations….
An article in Motor Boat Monthly featured a couple who had converted there Viking 26 wide beam outboard to an inboard .On reading this and seeing the pictures I know this was the kind of boat I wanted. We then spent most of 2001 looking (you don't see many wide beams for sale) and after a long day visiting boat yards we drove into Priory Marina on the promise to the kids that this was the last one and they could have MacDonald's after. We looked on the sales pontoon at a Viking 22 and went to the office to get the key to look inside, it was here I saw the details of a Viking 26 w/b displayed. Even though it was above my budget I had to take a look. Negotioations took place and the rest is history.
We spend as much time as possible at the boat, it is a great way of getting quality time with the kids as we are all doing it together.

Dave Saunders