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  • Viking Mouldings was established in 1970 by 3 ex employees of Seamaster Boats Ltd. - Robert Chapman. Peter Poulter and Mike O'Connell.They started trading from a farm building in North End called 'The Hobbs Cottage Works' from where they produced small river and speed boats.
  • In 1979 Seamaster Ltd was closed.
  • In 1980 Viking Mouldings moved onto the Seamaster Estate in Great Dunmow, where they still trade from today.
  • In 1981 Viking Mouldings bought the Seamaster Company and have used several hulls to increase the Viking range of boats.
  • In 1997 Peter Poulter retired, followed in 2003 by Robert Chapman and Mike O'Connell.

    The Viking crew boasts over 200 years experience between them and have over the years have produced in excess of 1300 craft.